First Past The Post

This is the first blog article to be run on this site and we look forward to sharing thoughts, updates, activities, initiatives, promotions and of course achievements.

Our latest development includes our successful enrolment of becoming a VMWare Partner, offering the whole range of solutions to enterprises that currently have VMWare deployed or looking at enhancing their VMWare footprint. Our new modus operandi is to get you where you need to be in the Cloud.

Our new direction isn’t moving us away from the world of BPM, but further enhancing this field by joining what is the most significant development in the world of IT and Enterprise Solutions of our times. We are proponents of new technology and users of VMWare products for some time. Our move to become a VMWare Partner is due to the increasing demand for organisations of all sizes to understand the Cloud paradigm and the impact this will have on organisations.

We view the natural progression of the Clouds whether they are private, hybrid or public to be a stepping stone in innovation and business productivity in furthering organisations goals and objectives. Virtualisation is a game changer, new business models have emerged over the past decade but its now that we are really getting to grips with real world impact. Early adopters such as vendors and service providers have established and stabilised this phenomenon, and naturally gained significant advantage and market dominance. IT is becoming a real utility but the journey doesn’t end there. Virtualisation as a technology is not immune to the trends of technology life-cycles, disruptive forces or hype-cycles.

The aim is not for Virtualisation to become the next fad in achieving massive cost savings or reducing capital expenditure or even re-defining the business economics – although granted these are the key benefits. Rather it is developing business agility in bridging the gap that has existed between business decision making and IT execution. That gap is one step closer to being bridged through Virtualisation.

It goes without saying why we chose VMWare as oppose to other Virtualisation technologies at this stage. VMWare is a pioneer in technology, working alongside them allows us to maintain a competitive edge in our BPM offering.

For a business to become virtualised or move into the Cloud, there is work to be done in order to understand what is being bought into buying. Questions needs to be asked and answered, such as the impact this has on existing operations, which is the best Cloud model (private, hybrid, public and subsequent flavours of each i.e. IaaS, PaaS or SaaS)? What impact will this have on customers? How to manage products and service in this new world? In order to achieve this we believe BPM is one such approach that will facilitate in  determining the needs and requirements for such a transformation. Understanding  existing business models, modes of operation and the under-pinning process is crucial for managing the migration.

This is where we can leverage our skills to marry the two together. Whether you are at the early stages of developing your own Cloud strategy, looking to implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or implement a hybrid model, we can work with you to carve out the best solution for your needs.

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