Internet of Things – Cyber Entity

The IoT market space is growing but it hasn’t outpaced the Big Data sphere which still dominates enterprises level decision making. New innovation always come in short steady spells over a pro-longed periods. Initiatives driven by the state or by small micro breakthrough’s that take place on a daily basis on the behest of entrepreneurial nature driven individuals or those of its experienced ilk as the lubricant of social progress.

Internet of Things is a natural evolution of several general purpose technologies within the ICT domain and radiates to other industries and sectors which is and continue to be absorbed into this new cyber-entity.

This cyber-entity in the coming years will not only be the all-knowing foundation of a binary thought processing engine – but will be the driver behind a society that will be connected in more way that they can ever imagine.

Your doctor will always know what’s going on with your health and always be on hand where intervention is needed – even if you don’t know it. The treasury will always know what your income is whether you declare it or not. The bailiff will know exactly when to get hold of you when you attempt to avoid them. The breakdown service will know in advance when and where you will break-down and be at hand when required. There will, however, always be crevices that exits whether legal, technical or otherwise loopholes will alter this utopian world view. What is key to all this is that this is no longer readings from science fiction but the execution of science-fact. The cyber-entity is not Skynet or the Matrix (at least I hope it won’t be), but it is the foundation of what will make all of this possible.

There is beauty and anxiety in such prospects and we won’t appreciate nor fear it until we have either benefitted or lost something as a direct consequence.  Humans connected to the IoT is full of potential and prosperity. All devices, sensors, and actuators connected are like ligaments that will provide flexibility and freedom, making us more buoyant and creative. Harnessing this new era of technology is crucial to address some of the most profound challenges we face today; ageing societies, climate change, poverty, equality and much more.

Working in this arena is exciting and definitely rewarding knowing that what we do today will have a positive effect on how we conduct ourselves tomorrow. We’re always involved in such initiative behinds the scenes – visit an EU sponsored project that is bring IoT to the Health Care Sector.