Website Development

Maybe you have plans to set-up a new business or launch a website eventually but are holding fire on development, or perhaps want to have a “Coming Soon” page whilst your site is being developed. Either way, this package is for you! 

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Whenever starting a new project or business, having a website is key. Getting something online as quickly as possible can be a real benefit, both in terms of your long term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy and of course keeping your customers and potential customers up to date all the way along.

We will install WordPress, plus a fully customised version of “Starter Theme” a fantastic WordPress theme that not only allows you to display the progress of your website development, but also allows customers to sign up for updates using Mailchimp, a fantastic email marketing service. Then, when your website does launch, you will have a full email list to inform.

The WordPress theme will be completely customised to your requirements and where possible, we will re-use your existing material. Having a dormant domain or a static ‘Under Construction’ page during development stages is a loss of value which we aim to turnaround for you. Click on the screenshot to the left to view a sample of what you would get.

Remember, each theme will be unique to your intended purpose that will give you the edge of not looking like every other site out there.

What’s on Offer:

  • Hosting Plan for 12 Month
  • WordPress Installation and Configuration
  • Customised ‘Coming Soon’ WordPress Theme
  • MailChimp Integration (Email Marketing)
  • Social Media Profile Integration
  • Ability to start build your on-line presence, ranking and brand with style, all three take time so why wait?

The hosting plan is specifically designed to cater for ‘Starter Package’ with pricing built into the offer. You will not be sent a separate bill for hosting. We expect your business or idea to take-off within this period and migrate to a more appropriate plan relevant to your new website. We are here to build a relationship with you and assist you in your journey, or when the time is right help you move to a different provide, no hard feelings, but we’d like you to stay.  This package is an exclusive offer for a limited time.

Domain names need to be registered separately.

Why WordPress?

It’s the leading industry platform and powerful solution for any website requirement. The support network globally is bar-none with a comprehensive developer and support group. You are not tied down to any one provider, picking up the code for a reputable web development firm is straightforward. Administration is a simple process with a low learning curve.

What this means for you is simply flexibility whilst you make your decision. Picking and choosing your providers at will without being tied down to the developers expertise. If you wish to select another provider once we set-up your starter package, you are free to do so.

If this is what you need and want to get started immediately simply  visit the Call Back and complete the form with your details. We will arrange for a consultant to contact you and get your website turned around in 48 hours once we determine your requirements.