Business Audits

Audits come in all shapes and forms they have different purposes and objectives. Some audits are mandatory carried out for legal and regulatory purposes to ensure compliance and governance; while others are designed to determine strategic intent and are a vehicle to establish an organisations bearing.

Our Audits are specifically designed to ensure strategic intent is being fulfilled by all areas of an organisation. The decision making paradigm is probably the most complex and daunting task that has to be executed that requires: diligence, insight, foresight, tenacity and a strong stakeholder skills.

Our Audits fall into following categories:

Strategic Clarity – Where we assist in developing a business case for change and facilitate the whole process.

Sustainability – Where we add value through gainful insight into the inner workings of organisations operations to identify key problem areas and align solutions to mitigate

Capability Mapping – Where we determine the organisations ability to execute its intended objectives, flagging key high risk area that overlaps into internal controls

Business Processes – Where we map out business processes that define the operation and establish clear lines of ownership, both from a business orientation and technical.

Organisation Design – Where we assist in re-structuring and re-alignment of resources to gain maximum efficiencies for the business operations.