Process Documenting

How mature in your organisation in matters relating to BPM? Adopting a strategic view in managing your organisation through process management and facilitating change through process management is a Challenging Task no matter what the economic climate.

Reflect on some of the following factors:

  • Business Culture; is your organisation averse to change and what resistance exist?
  • Resource Availability; do you have the right people equipped to carry out such tasks?
  • Capability; do you have the right tools employed to execute the required service?

We can act as a bridge between your BPM initiative  to meet your organisational goals:

  • Process mapping your existing business operations
  • Conversion from one format to another (Custom, IDEF0, EPC, BPMN)
  • Preparation of enterprise process repositories for business transformation initiatives
  • Data Cleaning and Integrity Checking
  • BPM Solution evaluation and license utilisation audits
  • Data Inputting and Clerical Processing

Our team of business consultants understand business operations and their challenges. We offer value for money and a quality service at competitive rates.

We operate on a flexible engagement models for short-term project as a one-off or longer term engagements based on a variable pricing model (fixed, time & material and cost plus).

For more information, contact us to further discuss your requirements by arranging a pre-engagement consultation.