Our Approach

No two events are the same, the variant could be time, distance or context – with this in mind – we offer and relish in creative problem solving.

Technology is only part of an equation in handling situations whether individual, personal, regional, national or trans-national. The basic foundations of a problem solving paradigm must be rooted in understanding the situation before diving in. On the other hand, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty in order to recover the situation and bring it back on track.

Our expertise and leadership team do exactly that, we work behind the scenes – deliver what we promise and change the situation. Our development and engineering capabilities are equally matched with our stakeholder and strategy planning for common and better outcomes. What we don’t do ourselves we manage well, what we do ourselves is exceptional.

Proposal – engaging from the onset to determine the outcome is where we start ‘Voice of the Customer’. Ironically, some of our customers tend to have a vision and that’s about it with some loosely coupled thoughts. It’s never enough to have a vision and not consider the execution, delivery, operational management – that’s where we come in. We take the initial concept, carve it out into a tangible proposition and work with all involved and add flesh to a skeletal structure.

Procurement – with a wide network connected manufacturing facilities, we are resourcefully develop specifications for those projects where physical hardware will interact with software. Whether, it’s a sensor, a full blow system – we source, develop, manage and operate interconnected systems (M2M). 

Payments – the most common talking point that kills most ideas and enthusiasm is the one around ‘how much it costs’. We’ve had our fair share of disappointments and encouragements. Financing projects varies from project to project, we not only do our philanthropic, pro-bono civic duties but also weigh out the social benefits of a project. If the social outcome far outweigh our commercial interests, we will adapt our position for work with the management team to source the financing wherever possible and become part of the solution. 

With these in mind, we ecourage you to make contact, we partner with like-minded people, we take risks and we ultimately add value.