Special Projects

Future Internet Social and Technological Alignment Research

The FI-STAR project is designed to establish early trials in the Health Care domain building on Future Internet (FI) technology leveraging on the outcomes of EU funded FI-PPP.

With a consortium of over 40 partners across Europe, the project will become self-sufficient after the end of the trials and will continue on a sustainable business model in order to meet the requirements of a global Health industry. FI-STAR will use a fundamentally different, “reverse” cloud approach that brings the software to the data, rather than bringing the data to the software.

FI-STAR is part of a robust framework based of the “software to data” paradigm that

FI-STAR showcases the ‘Medication Tracker App’ at The Pharmacy Show 2014 

FI-STAR spoke to Javed Bashir, Business Analyst and System Designer for the Leeds Use Case.

The ‘Medication Tracker App’ currently available on android uses key NHS driven technologies. Using the scanning feature the patient scans the 2D barcode on their dispensed drug packaging, bringing up the unique identifier with generic information about the drug prescribed supplied. The application then brings up 4 check boxes;

  • Drug OK
  • Expired
  • Recalled
  • Counterfeit


FI-STAR Leeds demonstrates the FI-STAR ‘Medication Tracker App’.


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