The Future Internet Is Here

As a key player in the Future Internet projects, we’ve had some significant success providing key influence in how the technology is being developed and the future direction it will take society as a whole. Europe and most parts of the world are quickly advancing towards a state of connecting devices to the internet and people are at the heart of this change. The most significant sector this will affect people is within the eHealth Sector.


Its become common knowledge that people are living longer and their health provision are becoming more challenging to cater for. Whether its providing care for them at home or general medical care in health environments. We’re on the verge of an exploding market place where State Institutes are re-organizing themselves for this challenge and making way for the what the future holds for them in their capacity of care givers.


Advances in technology will only go s far, the buy-in from the wider community is crucial for innovative applications to take hold and be relevant. Europe in particular has taken this challenge by the horns to address key issues surrounding what it means to deliver Health as a Service (HaaS). Visionary institutes are already coming together under the guise of Social Technological Alignment Research projects to test the waters.